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The owners, Yvonne & Charlie, of Cloverleigh Kennels are experienced dog handlers who have been involved in the care, training and behaviour of dogs for many years. They pride themselves on their ethos that the dogs in their care, will be treated as though they are their own and they will ensure that your dog’s physical and emotional needs are catered for during his stay.


The kennels are big enough to accommodate more than one dog, so two dogs from the same family, if you prefer, can share a kennel.

Holiday Care

We offer a service for people visiting the area that are unable to have their dog in their accommodation. We will board your pet for you, but you are at liberty to collect them to take them out with you for a day trip as and when you please.

long stay boarders

We offer a discount for dogs that stay with us for more than a month at a time.

Check in

All pets’ details are logged on our Pet Admin software. This includes any special needs, veterinary details, medication, dietary requirements and emergency contact details. To save time you can download and complete our registration form and bring it with you on the day of arrival or email it to us at All pets must be fully vaccinated and we will need to see a valid certificate on arrival. 


If your pet becomes unwell during their stay, they will be treated by our/your own vet. Any condition associated with your dog’s stay with us may be covered by our insurance.



At Cloverleigh Dog Kennels we recommend and feed our own dogs on Gentle Cold Pressed dog food, which is a complete balanced diet providing everything your dog needs for a healthy and active life regardless of their size or life stage. Quality raw ingredients are mixed with cold pressed oils and herbs before being pressed together for 1 second at a very low temperature to produce a highly palatable nugget with the nutrition integrity of all ingredients preserved. On the rare occasion that a dog prefers a more traditional kibble we have Akela 80:20 dog food. 


We believe that diet can have a huge impact on the health and behaviour of your dog so we do not buy cheap food packed with unnecessary additives. Therefore, if your dog is fed a cheaper brand of food or requires a specialist or prescription diet, we do ask you to provide that. If your dog is fed a raw diet, please let us know in advance to ensure we have adequate freezer space.



We provide a variety of bedding for your pet during his stay, but you are more than welcome to bring your dog’s own bed or something with a familiar scent if you wish.


If your dog uses a crate, he can have one in his kennel, we do have a range of crates, or alternatively you can bring your own.

cloverleigh dog boarding kennels

A relaxing holiday for your dog...

Cloverleigh Dog Boarding, Ely,Cambs
Cloverleigh Dog Boarding, Ely,Cambs

 Yvonne and Charlie Mackender are licensed by East Cambridgeshire District Council

- licence number 18/00848/ANIMAL and have achieved a 5* Rating

Cloverleigh Dog Boarding, Ely,Cambs
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